martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Prepare your heart to receive the healing miracle

Prepare your heart to receive the healing miracle. Decide today to be a container open to magnetized energy that will emerge from February 24th.

2nd. Exercise

This time I invite you to just observe yourself, observe recently how loaded are you? How are you answering to the circumstances in your live? You give answers or you just react abruptly? Do you get into neurosis states without any provocation? Do you give vent to with the most nearby of any internal state that you are not tolerating? Do you blame everybody of your intention states?

Observe yourself during all your day and reflect during the nights, once that you could see with objectivity how loaded are you, we will give the next step, but today we stop here. Imagine yourself in a play, turn yourself in a spectator of your own life and you will see a very revealing movie…


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