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You know that everything what you say, what you do, what you feel and what you think, generates a vibratory wave that cures or contaminates, that constructs healthy environments or destroys them?

From now on it is important to realize that our emotional state has enormous transcendence and impact in our environment.

If I cultivate and defend a state of harmony and peace I am contributing and nourishing my environment, if unlike this, I generate and I allow the negative state flood me, I am affecting and destroying my environment.

Somebody mentioned me this week about the people that feels insignificant, that feels small and that has nothing to contribute to life; I would invite these people to just remember one night with a mosquito flying around them, by small that it be, it is capable of transform the emotional state of the people around it, isn’t it?

Now, could we imagine this in positive? Imagine a newborn baby, when he enters the room of his mother, what is the immediate reaction of all those who are in the room? Happiness, joy, peace, harmony, and do they really know why? Because the emotional state of purity, peace and harmony of a newborn baby is capable of affect in a positive way all those who surround him.

When we know this, it is necessary to take responsibility more than never of what we are generating in an emotional, rational and verbal level. Since everything counts, everything comes out, everything generates a consequence, EVERYTHING CONSTRUCTS OR DESTROYS.

Today our Mother Earth is sick, left and mistreated; being this the result in a great extent, consequence of the vibration with which we have fed her throughout years; because the emotional content of the human beings’ hearts have years being contaminated.

Today the transformation of one person is great because the objective of this reflection is that today your principal task be: to recover the control of your emotional life, taking responsibility more than never of what you are creating ever since it dawns until it grows dark, realizing the impact that this generates in your house vibrations. In your environment, realizing clearly every time that your change is the only one that is possible to manage. I have always said that in the coexistence with others we generate energy combinations that give different results; lets suppose that today a couple adds 2 plus 2 turning out to be 4; if one of them decides today to change it is logical that he/she cannot keep on being the same 2; now perhaps he/she will be a 3; so the sum today with his/her couple is going to turn out to be 5 therefore today it is already a different relation, that clearly is the impact of the change that a human being can generate.

Today the invitation is to construct harmonic environments, to create microclimates of peace, of harmony, of healing. Today we go from the micro thing to a macro thing, since it is very easy and common to be worry about everything what happens outside; but also it is a perfect way of evading the responsibility that resides in me as for the course that my own life is taking, as far as that what I am creating, constructing or destroying from day to day.

If today I decide to act as a human being and I become responsible for all the consequences that I generate with every thought, with every word, with every emotion that I nest in my heart; I am going to start living in full conscience, giving intention to everything what happens in my life, getting in a very natural way the conversion of a life that sometimes I built and destroyed, to a life that for the present already constructs or tries to construct in everything what she does, what she thinks, what she feels, what she expresses.: healing, harmonic and pacific environments that affect favorably to all our environment.

If today we are many those who decide to take responsibility, opening our hearts, cleaning them, taking care of them from the emotional content that they begin to lodge, the vibratory healing positive waves will begin and become stronger. Is the sum of efforts the one that will multiplying to start returning to the earth her lost harmony, the internal health; nourishing us and favoring first of all our personal history; since everything that today in full conscience lives at emotional level, will be promoted in an exponential way, since God, the Divinity, or that force that you believe that sustains your existence today is the one behind this great conscience awakening supporting and motivating especially to those that today want through their decision to generate a transformation miracle and of healing at personal level.



I invite you to do from 3 to 8 minutes of conscious respirations, remember that inhaling is to fill yourself with light from the base of the stomach. It is to receive the biggest gift, the life itself, and on having exhaled imagine purifying the whole emotional contamination that you have lodged across the years. (Remember that to learn again to breathe it can be useful to you to put your palms at 5 cm, of the stomach and remember that on having inhaled, you must contact the stomach with your palms and on having exhaled, you must move away as much as possible your hands. If it is the first time that you try it, you will be overawed that you breathe on the contrary, which indicates that we survive. On having learning again the natural way of breathing we recover the life and the experience)


Now realize that your life is tremendously important, that since you are born you come out; that everything what you generate across your existence impresses many other beings. Imagine your heart contacting with the hearts of those that surround you generating healthy, harmonic ties, bonds of brotherly love, and bonds of union. As more as you could grow this chain, major will be the power of healing that you construct around you. Grow in this week this net, embrace more that you could, imagine strong and luminous bonds that are generating emotions debugging and healing of. Remember the great energy power that the intention has today. Visualize and give power to these images. If you find it hard to begin to grow this net, initiates it with your most nearby relatives. Visualize yourself with the connected hearts. In your exercise always continue with the intention of a conscious breathing that is nourished when it inhales and purifies when it exhales. This accompanies you during the whole meditative exercise. So when the net is nourished of healing light, you inhale, and exhale with the intention of purifying the whole contamination, imagining that into the union all the dirty that goes out is transforming after moving away in beautiful and radiant light as the one that supports the bonds between the hearts. After 10 minutes of meditate in these images, returns to your own heart and do three powerful respirations with intention of recovering and cleaning.

Return slowly, embrace yourself and defend this peace state that you have created.

Commit yourself to find 15 minutes (minimum) daily to realize your exercises and if you want to see changes, work in the morning and in the night. You will create the miracle as soon as you respect your spaces to contact with your inner “you” and with your meditative exercises…



(From heart to heart)


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